Learning, friendship and fun for everyone

What is learning English without some fun? VIC has activity coordinators at each of our campuses. We offer both weekday and weekend events, day trips and overnight excursions, as well as academic and fun outings.

Why join an activity? First of all, it is a great way to make friends. Second, it will help you learn more about Canada. Third, and maybe most important, it will help you continue learning English in a fun and relaxed environment!

What Our Students Say


I studied in VIC for 9 months. It was the best experience that I’ve ever had. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends from around the world. I met the best staff; they always helped me at any moment. I miss my friends, teachers, and advisor every day. Thank you Vancouver and VIC.

-Adolfi, Panama


I really think Vancouver is the best city to go to and learn English because you have a lot of places where you can go and meet a lot of people from different countries and also learn about other cultures. I miss a lot of Vancouver and VIC. Thank you for everything, now my heart is full with the best experiences, emotions, and people. I’ll never forget you! And I will try to go back!

-Antonia, Chile



When I arrived in Vancouver I was so excited about going to my first day in VIC it was just 7 months ago I will miss many teachers they are awesome and they helped to speak English very well, and this school is the best for me.

-Aurelio, Venezuela



When I came to Vancouver I couldn’t understand English and I was scared. Now I can understand and speak fluently. I met wonderful people who became my friends. The city is pretty amazing. I am so grateful to VIC for everything they did for me. Thanks to them I could achieve my goals.

 -Javier, Colombia



Studying English at VIC was a great experience. My brother and I improved our language skills and had a great time in Vancouver.

-Roman, Italy


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